Green Dehydration Technology

Thermopac Oil Dehydration Process is very efficient in terms of fuel cost and electrical cost against any other system. This system uses its latent heat of evaporation heat the incoming feed stock. Systems are available in atmospheric and vacuum evaporation options depends upon feed stock and its characteristic.

Our process can handle verity of feed stocks having variable percentage of water and light hydrocarbons and also handles very viscous materials such as slop oil and pitch.

This process can handle 35-50% water along with 5-10% of low boilers.

Typical feed stocks which require De-hydration:

  • Contaminated Lubricating oils & fuels
  • Machine oils
  • Industrial fluids
  • Marine bilge Metalworking fluids
  • Slop oil
  • Pitch
  • Soluble oils

Standard plant capacities offered:

25 MTD / 6,750 GPD
50 MTD / 13,500 GPD
100 MTD / 26,000 GP

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