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Thermopac Is Currently Processing 1 Million Liters Of Used Engine Oil On A Daily Basis Through 31 Re-Refining Plants Installed In 5 Different Continents.

Lube oil keeps our cars, all types of heavy vehicles and many other machines running smoothly. Once oil is used, it must be managed properly to keep it from contaminating the environment. Re-Refining Plant of the used oil is the most preferred way of handling used oil to protect the environment and conserve limited natural resources. Re-refined Plant lube oil is environmentally friendly and can be re-refined many times over for maximum savings.

Thermopac is the only company in the world to engineer, procure and construct the entire Re-Refinery Plant or treatment of used lube oil on true turnkey basis. We build skid mounted, continuous and fully automated waste free Re-Refining plants. Engaged in the execution of true turnkey projects, we specialize in manufacturing of all typical oil regeneration equipment’s i.e Steam Boilers, Thermal Fluid Heaters, Evaporators, Distillation Columns, etc In House .

The True Turnkey Used Oil Re-Refining Plant

Our EPC Role in Execution:

Used Oil Re-Refining Plant

End-to-End solution of Used / Waste Oil Re-Refining Plant by THERMOPAC

Thermo Wiped Film Evaporator (TWFE), state-of-the-art proprietary technology
Re-Refining Plant Recovers 99.5% saleable products and by products,
Very impressive Re-Refining Plant ROI: Typically 18 to 36 months,

Collaborate in Re-Refining Plant with us for Mutual Growth

Our expertise in Process, Automation and Turnkey Solution is our Strength

Skid mounted modular design
Re-Refining plant is fully computer controlled
End-to-End waste oil Re-Refining solution
Density 0.80~0.82

SN 300

Density 0.83 ~ 0.85

SN 400

Density 0.85 ~ 0.88

SN 500

Density 0.85 ~ 0.88
We offer an expandable plant to cater to future expansion requirements by designing utilities & entire piping as per the targeted expansion request.
The Re-Refining plant is fully computer controlled with display capability for real-time visualization of the process parameters.
As a technology provider and Erection Procurement Construction (EPC) contractor, we undertake the complete responsibility to supply all equipment and their proper functioning as a pre-packaged Used Oil Re-Refinery.
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