Prasad V. Bhat

Chairman and Managing Director

Prasad Bhat is the First Generation Entrepreneur and the Founder of the Company. Prasad Bhat is an Inventor and Has 2 Patents Granted In United States.

In 2006, Thermopac Process Engineering LLP Ventured in the Re-Refining segment with the mission to change the way recycled oil is made. Over a period of 15 years later, We remain 100% committed to this mission.
Our company was founded on innovation and technology. These pillars carry us into the future of Recycling as a leader in Used Oil Recycling, Lube Oil Blending, Grease plant. From Used oil recycling, Base oil polishing all our projects helps to neutralize carbon emissions, and has a huge environmental benefit.

Over the past few years, we recognized and created the perfect storm that created a fundamental shift in the Technology of Used Oil Recycling.

We identified the opportunity and possessed the vision to understand the impact that delivers the highest yield and sustainable end products.

We are committed in providing our customers with the most effective and efficient Solutions, Our business model comprises the full range of Engineering, Construction and Specialist services capabilities. Through our fully integrated offer we are delivering a single-source solution to the client with best possible Service and Technology.

Our collaborative approach combines discipline in delivery with the continuous pursuit of innovation. working with Clients from concept to completion, advising on and providing the best ways to successfully complete projects and achieve the greatest benefit for all our Clients, Communities and Employees.

TEPL is a respected leader that takes our responsibility to the communities we serve seriously.

We promote the well-being of our associates, our customers by contributing to programs, projects and initiatives that enhance Quality of life in the communities in which we work and live our lives.

We believe in Client satisfaction, Quality work and Customer Service.

Prasad Bhat.
Thermo-catalytic cracking for the conversion of higher hydrocarbons into lower hydrocarbons
Patent number : 9480963
Type : Grant
Filed November 20, 2014
Date of Patent: November 1, 2016
Inventors : Prasad V. Bhat
Thermo-catalytic cracking for the conversion of higher hydrocarbons into lower hydrocarbons
Patent number : 8895796
Type : Grant
Filed June 18, 2010
Date of Patent: November 25, 2014
Inventors : Prasad V. Bhat
THERMOPAC create improved value to our customers by employing cutting-edge technology and engineering design that improves the process efficiency and is environment-friendly.

We constantly push ourselves to be the best in the markets we serve through continuous improvement and innovation of the technology and project delivery techniques.


  • It is important to remember to recycle used motor oil.
  • Motor oil picks up a variety of hazardous contaminants when used in engines and transmission.
  • One liter of used oil can contaminate one million litres of drinking water.


  • We design and construct a true turnkey Re-Refining plants and offer End-To-End solutions.
  • Our used oil refinery plants are fully automated, continuous operation and waste free.


  • Every Re-Refining plant is designed with the latest 3D modeling tools to make it the most efficient, economical and state-of-the-art.
  • In our opinion, this is the key for the smooth and timely commissioning of the plant.
  • We provide End-to-End solutions by designing and building tanks for the raw materials, intermediates, and finished products as per the international and local standards.


  • The skid-mounted modular design makes transportation and storage more convenient.
  • The expansion of this Re-Refinery plant is a very smooth process.
  • Our modular design not only offers quick and sturdy installation, but it also offers a unique flexibility to increase the plant capacity by the addition of modules without any additional infrastructure.


The technology is completely indigenous and is tested to provide maximum yield from the used oil in an environment friendly manner. All the process plants are pre-insulated, pre-wired and completely ready for installation and commissioning.


TWFE adapts very well to feedstock variability such as lube oil containing high amount of water, low boiler, additives, transformer oils, turbine oils, hydraulic and synthetic oils.

Specially Designed to Extract High Viscous Base oil At Extreme Temperatures Under very Fine Vacuum.


All the key components i.e. water-naptha separators in-house quality, engineering flexibility, after sales service.


We Provide Very Efficient Scrubbing System To Take Care Of VOC And Other Off Gases.

Moreoever the column polishing system is regeneratable, adsorbent media – based which is easy which is easy to dispose and we have upgraded ourselves to this technology in 2014 and we are the only solution provider in polishing system wherein 240 nos of columns are working under one roof and polishing the end product form the refinery.


Complete Automation, PLC Control and Scada based plc process enables a safe and smooth plant operation with minimum manpower.
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