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THERMOPAC provides a complete treatment system for any type of slop oil.

Slop oil contains hydrocarbons, solids, and water. Normally it appears as an emulsion that is not easily breakable. When the slop oil contains resins, tars, and surfactants, separation in conventional static settlers may take several hours to separate into components.

The objective of the THERMOPAC Separation System is to recycle the slop oil into the re-refining process for the recovery of light hydrocarbons, the base of oils, and finally polishing; or to mix it with normal crude oil for further processing.
THERMOPAC separation system generally comprises the following steps:
  • Pre-treatment which involves
    • Heating the slop oil to reduce viscosity.
    • The addition of chemical emulsion breakers/demulsifiers which help to improve separation
    • A three phase decanter, which separates slop oil into three components consisting of oil, water and solids. This decanter is the core of the separation system
The recovered oil now complies with the standard refinery requirements and can be mixed with used lube oil for re-refining into base oils/lubricants or it can be normal crude oil for further treatment.
THERMOPAC separation system generally comprises the following steps:
  • Separation of residual water, light hydrocarbons such as naphtha and gas oil; and base oil plus residue from the oil recovered from the process as above
  • This process is carried out in a self-contained skid which houses a flash evaporator, thermal oil heat exchanger, water/naphtha condenser, decanter, Gas oil evaporator, and gas oil condenser.
The system is designed to completely dehydrate the feed and to remove light hydrocarbons such as naphtha and gas oil and deliver a mixture of fractions of light and heavy lube oils along with asphaltic residue, which can further be treated in our thin-film evaporators for recovery of various cuts of lube oil and subsequent polishing.
The plant offered by us is a fully automatic SCADA based PLC controlled plant.
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