Thermopac Wiped Film Evaporation (TWFE)

We design and construct a complete refinery and offer an end to end solution as a Technology provider as well as EPC contractor.

Thermopac Wiped Film Evaporation (TWFE) is our state of the art, proprietary technology to produce higher process efficiencies by minimizing bottom components and maximizing reclamation of the useful ingredients from used lube oil. TWFE technology can extend the yields of saleable products up to 95% – 97% of the used oil feed. The high yield in the TWFE process is due to innovative equipment design and design optimizations of the process. TWFE process is acid-free, solvent-free and sludge-free. The bottom residue generated in the process may be salable as finished product, such as asphalt/bitumen modifier.

Our modular design not only offers quick and sturdy installation, but it also offers a unique flexibility to increase the plant capacity in future by the addition of modules without additional infrastructure. Entire set up & commissioning of the plant takes only 4 to 6 weeks as complete plant is built and tested for its proper functioning at the factory. This enables a quick start up.TWFE adapts very well to feedstock variability such as used lube oils containing high amount of water, low boilers, additives, transformer oils, turbine oils, hydraulic and synthetic oils.

Complete automation, PLC control and SCADA based process enables a safe and smooth plant operation with minimum manpower, in an environment-friendly manner.

Modular Skids

Used oil is made up of base oils and various additives that impart the desired quality characteristics to the finished product. Re-refining used oil is complicated by the fact that the oil is difficult to characterise. It is very much dependent upon the source of the used oil, the types of used oil, and how it was collected. The highly variable quality of used oils drives the complexity of the facilities necessary to treat it for reuse.

With our re-refining experience over a decade and continuous process improvement, we have a proven and established process, as described below.

As a technology provider and erection-procurement-construction (EPC) contractor, we undertake the complete responsibility to supply all equipment and their proper functioning as a pre-packaged Used Oil Re-refinery.
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